Heavy Duty Flexible Coupling 500Psi

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•Style 1NH heavy duty flexible coupling provides flexible connection by the gap between pipe groove and coupling key.
•Unique design allows both axial and radial movement,suitable for pipeline with flexibility under intermediate pressure.
•Enhanced body resists 4 times working pressure.

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Product Introduction

The heavy duty flexible coupling is designed for use in a variety of general piping applications of moderate or high pressure services. Working pressure is usually dictated by the wall thickness and rating of the pipe being used. The Model 7707 couplings feature flexibility that can accommodate misalignment, distortion, thermal stress, vibration, noise and seismic tremors. The Model 7707 can even accommodate an arced or curved piping layout

Grooved Mech Tee

DO NOT DISASSEMBLE THE COUPLING: Style 108 Couplings are designed so that the installer does not need to remove the nut, bolt, or linkage for installation. This facilitates installation by allowing the installer to directly insert the grooved end of mating components into the coupling. 2. CHECK MATING COMPONENT ENDS: The outside surface of the mating components, between the groove and the mating component ends, shall be generally free from indentations, projections, weld seam anomalies, and roll marks to ensure a leak-tight seal. All oil, grease, loose paint, dirt, and cutting particles shall be removed. The mating components’ outside diameter (“OD”), groove dimensions, and maximum allowable flare diameter shall be within the tolerances published in current IGS specifications, publication 25.14, which can be downloaded at victaulic.com.

Size Specification

Style 1NH Heavy Duty Flexible Coupling 500Psi (1)


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